Trust Teaching Conference

Today, all of the teaching staff at Kingfisher travelled to Stantonbury International School, a Milton Keynes school within our family, for the first Trust-wide conference. Kingfisher staff were joined by teaching staff from our family of thirteen schools for the start of a new school year. This historic event allowed us to reflect on and share the experiences that make our collective story.


We all bring something special to the Grifin Schools Trust (GST), a professional community that supports its schools to develop their futures with a clear connection to their pasts.

GST is now in its seventh year and has not wavered from its founding vision to provide rich educational experiences for all pupils, for better todays and for all our tomorrows. There is much to celebrate in our progress towards our vision of great education, which transcends any specific education policy and is valuable in and for itself.


Many of you will have already heard about our proud Trust traditions: the Griffin Sports Festival; Founders Day; the Griffin Science Symposium and the Griffin Arts Festival. Today was designed to extend the networking opportunities within our group of school and to forge new relationships for the year ahead and beyond.

We were delighted to be joined by two internationally renowned academics in the field of critical education. As we begin our fourth year of funding practice-based action research and degrees for our staff, these keynote addresses will spur us all to further inquiry. Both Michael Apple and Micheal Fielding gave insightful addresses that were inspirational to our staff.


Our theme for today was the power of story and everyone present has a part in the story of GST.