Proud Tradition – Remembrance Day

We held a whole school assembly on Friday 5th November, which encouraged pupils to learn about Remembrance Day and to help them to understand the importance of remembering the brave men and women who died in the First World War, the Second World War and other wars around the world.
The assembly was led by Assistant Headteacher Miss Wood and each class came to the front of the assembly to lay down their wreaths in memory of our brave soldiers. Pupils wrote poetry and thanked them for their sacrifice that gave us the freedom we enjoy today.
Corporal Daniel Ward from 1 RSME Brompton Barracks attended our assembly and we were very honoured to welcome him to our school. Our Pupil Parliament welcomed him with tea and biscuits, followed by an interview.
Miss Wood stated ‘The Griffin Schools Trust has the motto of Proud Traditions, Wide Horizons and High Achievement and we give these opportunities to pupils on a daily basis. We have the proud tradition at Kingfisher where Remembrance Day is honoured respectfully by all staff and children. It is incredibly important that our children understand and appreciate the need to remember those who have fought and died for us, and having Corporal Ward with us at Kingfisher this year, enabled us to remember the soldiers still serving their countries today’.