Griffin Arts Festival 2019

The Griffin Arts Festival is a Proud Tradition within the Griffin Schools Trust’s (GST) event calendar. In its 6th year, the festival was, once again, a spectacular event. Throughout the last fortnight, Kingfisher students have enjoyed inspirational cultural experiences and explored key world issues through the theme of Green Planet.

Providing a range of real and purposeful opportunities for the children to express themselves is a vital part of a Griffin experience. The children embraced working together as well as with a host of talented artistic professionals who provided creative, high-quality sessions.


On the programme at Kingfisher was:


25th June – Dance Centre: All students came together for a whole school performance to showcase the dance workshops they have been working on throughout the year.


27th June – Medway Music Association Concert: Years 3, 4 and 5 performed a range of music for parents and the local community. There was choral singing and playing of instruments such as the Ocarina and Djembe Drums


3rd July – Travelling Poetry Recital: Kingfisher’s poetry club showcased their work from the year

It has been a tremendous two weeks – a true celebration of the arts!