Curriculum details

Years 1 – 6

At Kingfisher Primary School, we provide a Griffin Great curriculum based on the needs of our whole community. We deliver outstanding learning opportunities for all of our children using a termly “Big Question” approach that encompasses the children’s needs and interests, providing an inclusive curriculum that focuses on enquiry and the development of key skills, knowledge and understanding .


Throughout all key stages, our curriculum begins with a “Big Question” that nurtures a sense of enquiry and investigation within a curriculum theme. We believe our children learn better when they are encouraged to use their imagination and apply their learning to engaging contexts. We always start with what the children know, and what they want they want to find out, providing a rich menu of exciting and motivating learning opportunities to ensure children are fully prepared for the next stage in their education. We ensure our curriculum areas are broad and wide enabling all children to reach their full potential, whilst ensuring comprehensive coverage of the requirements of the National Curriculum.


Our curriculum is values based and we explore our school values of respect, responsibility, resilience, perseverance, building relationships and independence through our curriculum subjects. Our pupils are encouraged and supported to display these values throughout their learning and experiences. We encourage our children to be articulate and confident individuals who have a strong moral purpose.


We use a rigorous assessment programme across all subjects which ensures teachers are able to analyse gaps in individual children’s progress and identify specific learning needs.